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It’s been a great run posting to all you followers, and thank you so much! 

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i still don’t have it in me to be any good to you, don’t tell me otherwise. but i think i hate myself less for it now. i think. 

Memories of a memorable past

1. a rebirth

It was nothing special, the first time that I saw her.
I recall looking away, as my passing sight took no note of the smile she wore to hide a deeper sorrow. 
It was only three weeks later, on a beach, facing the northern seas, that I couldn’t take my eyes off her, as she approached me from a far. 
I ignored the sun that late evening, drowning in his own envy. 
I couldn’t help but smile at her hair falling down her face in the eastward wind. 
She was smiling, as she waved slowly, holding her slippers in her left hand. 

I could feel the cool waters of the ocean, climbing over my toes… 
they would leave behind warm sand, castling my feet solid, but I needed that. 

For that day, 
she had me floating up, 
like deft smoke from an oaky cigar…
She had me melting away in peace, 
like a candle whose wax defied gravity… 

I wish I told her this today, but that day, is one of the happiest memories I have. 

As she said hey, and slowed to my side, 
I recall wondering if this is what life was about…
I recall remembering the taste of my first black paradiso on College n Yonge…
and the cool of a snowflake melting on the touch of one’s finger-tips…
I recall taking her hand, softly, yet firmly, telling her without words, 
that out of the thousands of girls I had met, and gotten the chance to know,
she was the one I had picked. 

I had held my breath waiting patiently for a response, 
I had been breathing my entire life before, 
but it was only a second later, 
when she held my hand back firmly, 
that I stared living.

- Ali

Sadness is the price we pay to be able to smile once in a while
Shane Koyczan

Milky Way Path


Here’s one of my favourite cat videos to make me feel better… and you, if you’re watching this!

all i have is fake teddy bears… i miss my real teddy bear… 

Freedom isn’t exactly what you think it is

I think freedom of choice, expression and thought, has led to an over abundance of options, forcing our minds to raise our expectations and shift the burden of responsibility on ourselves instead of believing it to be the way the world simply works…

I now have a selection to make between 20 different types of chocolate bars at a store and having a chance to imagine how good the other chocolate bars would have been, only fuels my dissatisfaction at not liking my selection a bit… the good old days when the only available chocolate bar in a store was not the best, but we had no knowledge of the possibility of a better chocolate bar, and hence allowing us to blissfully enjoy our time eating the only one available, are all but gone… 

But this isn’t about chocolate bars… or shampoo… or the university i have to pick… or the car i need to get myself… it’s about everything… healthcare, jobs, looking for the right person, selecting toothpaste, every damn thing…

Why am i inherently being forced to think about whether i should focus on my career first or my relationship… and whether or not i should get married to someone of my pure choice and not someone my parents select for me… if i could instead just focus on getting more out of meaningful things that i like to do, like getting more time to spend playing guitar, or getting more work done and making a difference in my field of study… and not caring about the food i have to eat or whether the person i’ll silently and happily make compromises for, for the rest of my life, is of my choice or not… 

This “freedom”, is definitely an over-rated sob. 

some days

some days

Not all those who wander are lost
J.R.R.Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring